The main content of my newsletter is managing pest problems in NH fruit crops. My intent is to reach commercial and part-time growers, but some backyard growers may find it useful as well.

This is part of UNH Cooperative Extension’s Integrated Pest Management effort, designed to aid in managing pests, and move people away from calendar application of pesticides. Most of the support for our IPM work comes from grants from NIFA (the National Institute for Food and Agriculture) and the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food. Additional funding comes from the state of New Hampshire. Author: Dr. Alan Eaton. Also involved in the IPM work are George Hamilton, Cheryl Smith, Becky Sideman, Linda Kuhnhardt and others.

In addition to the text and photos in this issue, you can look at any of last year’s issues.  For a weekly summary (during the growing season) of the fruit pest situation, consider calling the fruit pest update telephone, which runs day and night. I record a new 3-minute message every Tuesday. 603-862-3763.


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